The Signs Are There If I Open My Eyes

16 Aug

I saw a pin on Pinterest today that just really drove home my goal of remembering the little things. I haven’t figured out how to copy and paste a pin into my blog, but the pin links to this site. It’s a list of ten things we can do to feel better about our homes. (Actually, this could really apply to everyday life.)

It’s just amazing how God will give you little boosts when you really need it (and ask for/work for it). I told my coworker yesterday that I knew I was going to be tested because I had committed to staying positive. I was tested, but not as badly as I thought. Turns out that whole thing about receiving whatever kind of energy you put out has some merit to it. A bonus was that my coworker said she would try to stay positive to help me out. I’d like to think that her commitment helped her out too.

Being positive doesn’t necessarily mean taking a beating with a smile. Venting is one of the ways I am able to let go of things, but there is a difference between venting and harping on the same old thing. Yesterday I got it out and let it go. I kept my positive attitude all day at work. It seemed to take a lot of energy out of me though, because by the time I went to bed I wasn’t in such a great mood.

My theory on this is that every emotion or thought process is a series of neuro-pathways in the brain. (I am no scientist, so excuse my lack of proper lingo). From a video I watched (I think it was “What the Bleep”) I learned that as you nurture the same reaction to certain stressors, the brain develops a go-to path. So what happens is every time a similar stressor occurs, the brain automatically goes down that well used path. This can create a sort of “addiction” to certain emotional responses. (And explains why true depression is so hard to get out of). What I’ve done is trained my brain to respond negatively to certain events. Yesterday I was going against that habit, and therefore used up a lot of energy.

Even though it seemed to have exhausted me, I know in the long run the effort will be worth it. Seeing that pin cemented it for me. It’s like God is saying: “I recognize the effort you are making. Not only do I want you to continue it, here are some tips to make it a little easier.”

Well-played God, well-played.

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